Mindset Makeovers

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We enable you to powerfully command an abundant quality of life as you break through feeling overwhelmed, pain, frustrated, and stuck about finding and fulfilling their purpose and make a positive difference in the world… To easily and confidently thrive while reconnecting to and being your natural selves and expanding your infinite possibilities… By infusing our proven Mindset Makeovers to shift everything you need to have a thriving personal life and business, and live a life worth living on your terms. 

We help you get out of their own way by changing their mindset so they thrive and live the life they are meant to live, full of freedom, abundance, happiness, security, and meaning.   Our unique and thorough approach has helped 1,000s of people regain their lives and live their lives the way they dreamed.  Each results-oriented program is customized to the needs of the client, integrating a combination of state-of-the-art techniques and research.

You create Space for your Dreams (personal and business Success) with easy-to-implement Mind Blowing Makeovers.  Our top three, transformational Mind Over Money Makeover, Mojo Makeover and My Mission Makeover give you the Freedom, Confidence and Security to live the rewarding life you are meant to live on purpose.

    • Create a New Normal thriving Mindset by cleaning out false beliefs
    • Identify and Overcome challenges, false beliefs and behaviors
    • Cultivate your mindset to work with you and for you, instead of sabotaging you or holding you back
    • Transform fears, limiting decisions, false beliefs to manifest the awesome life you are meant to have and feel great while living it on purpose
    • Have a healthy relationship and belief system about money
    • Believe you are worthy of it, there is unlimited potential, it is safe to have abundance, and they can be trusted with it
    • Transform your self-sabotaging beliefs and stuck negative emotions that keep you stuck and spinning your wheels into the powerful waves of support that lift you to your true success that awaits
      • Clean out confidence issues and nurture your inner lion
      • Identify areas of low confidence and self esteem, and make easy changes to become confident, powerful and courageous
      • Transcend issues around self esteem, confidence, fear, and worthiness to know that you 100% capable, valuable, and worthy
      • Create a new self image that supports your greatness
        • Get Crystal Clear Now on what you really want
        • Set the Laser Clear Path to Align with your Purpose and Success
        • Commit to your Purpose, Yourself and Success
        • Goal Setting and Goal Getting with Actions and Momentum
        • Identify and overcome obstacles and distractions




      1. Have personal and financial freedom that Feels secure and confident that you are doing the right thing with your life and to positively impact the lives of others by being of service, so they can also feel that same amazing feeling of security and confidence
      2. Spend more precious time with family and friends doing the things you want to do, when you want to do them, and how you want to do them so your heart and soul sing
      3. Do what you love as your work that is so meaningful and satisfying, that it seems like play, while making the money that allows you and your family to have peace of mind, freedom and security
      4. Live your life on your terms

      We help clients all over the world via Skype and have offices in San Clemente, CA; NY, NY and Shrewsbury, NJ.



      • Live the life you have imagined, achieve your goals with maximum results and massive momentum in the shortest possible time!

      • Looking for the Unconditional Support and Guidance to take control back to be in your full power and live your authentic life on purpose?

      • See yourself using State-of-the-art, Highly-Effective techniques as you easily Breakthrough in Health, Career, Relationships, and Personal or Spiritual Development

      • Adults, Teens & Children can have ultimate Transformations that Reset the New You
      Empowers and quickly teaches you to gain the confidence and motivation for you to be your best, get our life back on track, have meaningful relationships and incredible communication, release negative emotions that are holding you back, and stop addictions and self-sabotaging behavior. Achieve powerful results as you create your future now – exactly the way you dreamed of. Combine traditional coaching and Business Planning, with powerful mental tools such as Time Technique and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to overcome any obstacle and create massive motivation and momentum in any area of business and life. Assist you to be your personal best through tools and techniques that maximize health, mind and body.

      • Anxiety & Panic
      • Depression
      • Stress & PTSD
      • Addictions – Smoking, Alcohol, Drug & Gambling
      • Fears & Phobias
      • Sadness, Loss & Separation
      • Anger
      • Pain
      • Insomnia
      • Toxic Mind
      • Feeling Stuck
      • Sabotaging Habits & Thoughts
      • Obstacles that keep you from being you

      • Lose Weight
      • Feel Self Confidence
      • Become More Successful
      • Public Speaking
      • Improve Learning & Test Scores
      • Relaxation & Peace
      • Joy & Play
      • Fitness
      • Healthy Habits & Lifestyle
      • Sports Performance
      • Financial Wealth Building
      • Mind Makeover
      • Abundant Health & Wellness

      Olympia Hostler, has overcome significant issues and hardships using these techniques and now thrives living a fulfilling and rich life. She combines her extensive training and experience with her life experience to be fully present and available to help you thrive. Olympia is a Nationally Certified as a Health, Life & Success Master Coach; Master Hypnotist; and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques™ Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
      Simply contact Olympia to get started on that Transformation you are looking for