Postural Restoration Institute (PRI)


Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) modality easily identifies and corrects common postural problem patterns in the entire human body.  Restores posture and correct movement by eliminating compensation patterns, balance issues, breathing problems, motor control challenges, and coordination issues.  It optimizes movement efficiency, realign the body’s misalignment patterns and movement dysfunctions. Part of the basis for PRI is that humans have asymmetrical anatomy that influences how they move, stand, sit, play, walk, run and breathe.  The asymetrically caused neuromuscular patterns negatively influence our muscle function, posture, strength, health and structural alignment.   By restoring naturally correct posture, the underlying postural patterns are eliminated, as is pain and dysfunction.

The PRI approach identifies and corrects all of the factors that contribute to poor posture and movement patterns.  It incorporates a unique perspective of the mechanical, neurological, and visual influences on the body.  Corrective positioning techniques and breathing techniques are used to powerfully bring the restore the body’s balance.

This integrative and holistic approach incorporates specific therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, and postural recommendations.